Automated Server Backups

If you are reading this then you must have some interest in taking backups of your websites or your clients sites backups, as you are already aware if you have a website or a number of site’s it’s absolutely necessary to take regular backups in case something goes wrong or one of your sites are hacked, you can always use your backups to revert and restore your site.

Recently I have been looking at software that’s available to regularly backup one of my cloud servers, the linux server has a plesk os and having searched high and low I’ve come to realize that server backups are very expensive business.
Prices start from around £10 per month for about 10GB hard disk space, you can see that this could soon become very costly.
My solution for this was to commissioned my server manager to create a backup script to take full backups of my servers to a local linux machine.
This can be a real cost effective way to backup your server. You could pick up a second hand pc from ebay for around £30  to £50 and install a free copy of Ubuntu operating system for free available for download from
If you are interested in the webbkup solution please contact Contact Me.
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