Ubuntu Touch Open Source Mobile OS

For those who are serious about online security, it’s probably a good time to move away from the mainstream mobile operating systems, İOS and Android have been featuring in the news recently for the wrong reasons and growing concern about personal privacy, Ubuntu Touch is an open source alternative and can now be installed onto … Read more

What Is Windows Registry And How To Use It — Everything Explained

Backup, clean and restore windows registry. What Is Windows Registry And How To Use It – Complete Guide Short Bytes: The Windows Registry could be considered a big collection of all the details about your computer. It has information about the installed programs, DLLs, your shortcuts and icons, user information, driver configurations etc. If you … Read more

Sentora how to install SSL Certificate in 4 easy steps!

#Sentora #webserver #controlpanel  #SSL Sentora Control Panel is an open source web hosting control panel.  on ,  Server: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS runing Apache You may also be interested in Install OpenSSL on Sentora CP Disclaimer In this post I’m sharing my experiences with you and do not claim to be an expert on this subject. My intent is to help … Read more