Using GitHub Pages To Host Your Website

Want to host your flat file website on Github servers? follow these steps below.
Head over to create an account or log into your existing one.

1. Create a new git and give it a name.

2. upload your site files and folders to your new git.
   a. Video tutorial Ubuntu: Create your first repository and upload it to Github.
   b. Video tutorial Windows: Github for Windows Tutorial video
3. Add CNAME file in master branch, by going to you master branch,
   a. Click on add new file
   b. In file name add: CNAME
   c. Inside the file make sure you use our own Github name. add: then save the file.

4. Create new branch called gh-pages and repeat step 3 to make sure branch gh-pages has a file named CNAME with a record of your url the same as master.

5. Visit

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